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Where is Brandy Hall upgrade episode one: The torch is passed away and a case that is cold up

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Where is Brandy Hall upgrade episode one: The torch is passed away and a case that is cold up

Murder in the area Coast: Where is Brandy Hall? Her final 24 Hours can be an investigative podcast. Below is the transcript for Episode 1: The Torch is passed away and a cool situation heats up.


Hey everyone. a fast note before we get going. We had been thinking about airing these five episodes in August – a special enhance of period three, Where is Brandy Hall — however one thing occurred. There began to be some motion in the event including a great lead on where her keeps may be hidden and thus detectives utilizing the Palm Bay authorities asked us to carry off a little while they pursued some newly uncovered information. We consented because, like authorities, our objective is always to assist Brandy’s household find closing of course that meant standing as well as police that is letting a sensitive and painful new lead, we had been ready to provide them with enough time they asked for. You’ll hear exactly about that brand new information over the following five days and I also vow to break right in with major news because it takes place.

The following is Palm Bay Sgt. Jeff Spears giving an answer to my concern about whether it was reasonable to express that new life was breathed into the investigation.


That’s certainly reasonable to express. We’ve taken a unique curiosity about our cool instances. We now have some cold situations that, we should re re solve all cool situations, but we now have some that individuals actually want to glance at once more since there might be items that are lacking or any other individuals included. This instance you have got Mr. Read More